I'm a web developer and designer who loves creating simple & functional web-solutions

Selected projects

  • My portfolio

    Custom WordPress portfolio theme

    This mobile responsive portfolio site is made with Undescores starter theme for WordPress and customized with custom fields.

    CSS/JS animation of the mobile menu and a few other scroll and animation effects are added to ease the navigation and make it more intuitive.

    The website is designed in Adobe Xd to decide on layout, colors and the overall look and feel.

    • PHP CSS WordPress CMS Xd
  • Accelerate Marketing

    WordPress theme development

    Accelerate is a demo site made learning WordPress theme development. The site is coded from an existing site using child theme, featuring custom post types, custom queries, and custom fields. I have also added mobile menu and a custom search results page to display results requested from the search bar.

    This responsive theme is perfect for a creative agency to showcase services and blog content.

    • CSS PHP WordPress CMS
  • Election Map

    Interactive election map

    Two candidates, each running for president. Who is going to win?

    In this project I’ve made an interactive election map simulating 2008 presidential elections in the US, made to practice JavaScript skills.

    We worked with basic JavaScript – objects, loops, arrays, and learned how to use factory functions and arrays in an object. We also referenced code from an additional code file: map.js.

    • JS
  • Unplugged Retreats

    Mobile-first responsive website

    Unplugged Retreats is my second attempt at building a responsive website in HTML and CSS as part of Skillcrush studies.

    The site is built mobile first where I practiced working with media queries. Social media icons were made using font-awesome icons and stacking method.

    • HTML CSS

See more projects and experiments on my GitHub page

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Hi, I'm Anna

I’m a self-taught web developer and designer from Denmark. Originally a communication and marketing graduate, I’ve always been drawn to websites and code. I love creating simple, well-organized and aesthetic websites that deliver a great user experience.

Before I started my coding journey, I've worked with content management, social media and digital marketing. I like combining my experiences to communicate the company's core values, and make it stand out.

When I am not playing with code, you can find me dancing kizomba or afro house, reading a good book or exploring new places and cultures.